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Квадрокоптер Blade 350 QX3 BNF BLH8180

Blade 350 QX3 BNF BLH8180 фото
— производитель: Blade (Блейд)
— модель: 350 QX3 BNF BLH8180
— квадрокоптер
— управление: радиоканал
— высота полета до 1000 м
— время полета до 15 мин
— запись видео (1080p)
— в наличии
— артикул COP0-7881Мы рекомендуем этот квадрокоптер нашим посетителям

Фотографии Blade 350 QX3 BNF BLH8180

Описание и характеристики Blade 350 QX3 BNF BLH8180

Сегодня у нас на обзоре квадрокоптер Blade 350 QX3 BNF BLH8180. Эта замечательная штука у меня уже 4 месяца, хочу поделиться с вами моими положительными впечатлениями, которые накопились за это время. Процесс распаковки к сожалению я не снимал, можно сказать, в тот момент я уже мысленно летал на нем во дворе, осуществив заветную детскую мечту, и о сьемке напрочь забыл. Управление этого чуда техники осуществляется с удобного и (главное) понятного пульта управления по радиоканалу, для людей далеких от техники в комплекте есть подробная инструкция, с которой несложно разобраться после 2-3 попыток взлететь. По времени и дальности полета на одном заряде АКБ мнения расходятся, в любом случае они зависят от многих внешних факторов и очень часто не совпадаю с заявлеными в характеристиках. В двух словах: давно мечтал о квадрокоптере и мечта сбылась. Детальный обзор и видео о полете Blade 350 QX3 BNF BLH8180 смотрите ниже.
This 350 size quadcopter is packed with features and a blast to fly!The Blade 350 QX3 by Horizon Hobby is incredible. The technology you can pack in these little quadcopter drones is amazing. The "drone" word gets thrown around a lot, but to me, a drone is any aircraft that can fly itself with onboard navigation. The technology Horizon Hobby has in their Blade 350 QX models is called Safe Tech. This drone can be set to auto pilot with just a flip of a switch and it returns home within inches where the Blade 350 QX3 motor's started. The Safe Tech and other quadcopter or "quads" technologies use GPS, compass headings and altimeters to find their way home and keep stationary in flight. Simply take your hands off the RC transmitter and the Blade 350 QX drones will hover until an input from RC pilot is made. There are also beginner and advanced flight modes which I will get in to later on my complete Blade 350 QX3 review video.
The Horizon Hobby Blade 350 QX3 and previous versions come ready to go right out of the box after you charge the battery and bind with your Spektrum transmitter, if you bought the BNF or "bind and fly" version. The Blade 350 QX comes in a few different packages. You can either get the RTF, BNF or AP. If you already have a Spektrum transmitter then you can purchase the BNF and set it up according to your specific tx instructions included with the Blade 350 QX. I use the Spektrum DX6i. The RTF comes complete with tx specially designed for the Blade 350. The AP comes complete with a transmitter and an HD camera with 3 axis gimbal that can be controlled from the transmitter while in flight.
This Blade 350 QX3 quad is not for someone who is in a hurry to fly without any prior knowledge of RC. You must calibrate the quadcopter and understand how the controls work in different modes or this thing will fly off to who knows where. I read about the bad reviews and they were written by people who did not program their transmitter right for the Blade 350 QX or had the transmitter in the advanced mode and thought they had it in beginner mode. Basically on the Blade 350 QX you can fly without concern of the quad's orientation in beginner mode and in the advanced mode you will need to pay attention to which direction you are facing the quad. The front of the quadcopter has two red rotors and the rear has a bright LED. In both modes, you can hit the auto return to home feature that is GPS controlled and the Blade 350 QX3 with return home automatically to the place where is took off.
I think the Blade 350 QX is a great drone, quad or whatever you want to call it and if you take the time to read how it operates then you will not have any trouble. I am not a retailer and do not work for Horizon hobby and that being said, I recommend the Blade 350 QX3. Subscribe for my full review coming soon.For more information or to purchase yours, please visit
This ready-to-fly camera quad gives you everything you need to capture amazing aerial video, all in one box. It’s equipped with the Blade® CGO2 GB 3-axis stabilized camera and includes the transmitter, batteries and charger you’ll need to fly it.See what you will find in the box. Unboxing and first flight with 350 QX2 AP Combo RTF with SAFE Technology by BLADE , and comparative flight to the Blade 350 QX with no Gimbal.
350 QX2 AP Combo RTF with SAFE
Key Features
Included C-Go 1 Camera 1080P/30
Included 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal
Large 3S 3000mAh Flight Battery
5.8Ghz Wi-Fi Video Downlink to Supported Devices
Improved Receiver with External Antenna
Improved GPS
Visual Compass Error Detection
Compatible with All Spektrum Radios
Following our passion for innovating convenient ways to fly, we have taken the Blade 350 QX to the next level. Introducing the 350 QX AP Combo RTF, a fully integrated aerial photography solution. We’ve listened to the customer and built that feedback into the next generation of the 350 QX.
This model includes a plethora of new features including:
• 2-axis brushless gimbal with optional pitch control
• 1080/30 camera with 720/30 video downlink to mobile devices
• 3S 3000 mAh flight battery for extended shoots
• New DX4 Transmitter
The 350 QX AP Combo also takes on a host of upgrades to the existing system including:
• New RF chipset with external antenna
• Improved GPS performance and accuracy
• Visual compass error detection to alert the user for calibration
• Simplified radio solution for ease of use
• Included AC/DC charging solution
• White battery hatch for improved orientation
The 350 QX AP Combo captures incredible aerial footage without any of the hassle of buying several components and is backed by the best support in the industry should you ever need it. Feel free to stop looking, you’ve found the perfect AP solution for your fleet!
Smart Mode: GPS/Altitude Hold, SAFE Circle™ feature and Stick Relativity
AP Mode: Limited flight envelope, self-leveling and GPS/Altitude Hold. Damped, self-leveling for improved video quality.
Stability Mode: Limited flight envelope, self-leveling and GPS hold.
Agility Mode: Aerobatic performance with AS3X™ flight characteristics and unlimited flight envelope. For experienced pilots only. Only available with Spektrum™ DX6i or higher transmitters (Endpoint adjustment is necessary)
Return Home and Land: Returns the 350 QX to the home position and lands at the pilots command.

Product Specifications
Main Rotor Diameter: 22.8 in (580mm)
Gross Weight: 35.5 oz (1006 g)
Length: 18.3 in (465mm)
Rotor Blade Length: 8.27 in (210mm)
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: Beginner
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Is Assembly Required: NoGot it three days ago and have been itching to take it for a test flight.
Всего просмотров: 12732
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Оценка Blade 350 QX3 BNF BLH8180 на HDcopter.ru: 4 из 5 на основании 23 голосов.

Часто задаваемые вопросы (FAQ)

  • Отзывы о Blade 350 QX3 BNF BLH8180: плюсы и минусы данной модели.
  • Заинтересовался покупкой этой модели. Что в комплекте с квадрокоптером? Есть ли софт под iOS?
  • Время полета моего квадрокоптера Blade 350 QX3 BNF BLH8180 не отвечает заявленым 15 мин. В чем проблема? В аккумуляторе?
  • Управление осуществляется по радиоканалу, что будет, если в определенный момент коптер улетит за пределы досягаемости сигнала пульта? Вернеться ли он на точку взлета?
  • Как закрепить камеру QStar A7 Drive к квадрокоптеру? Какой подвес выбрать?
  • Увы, мой 350 QX3 BNF BLH8180 не запускается, не реагирует ни на что. Подскажите адекватный сервис в Киеве, куда отнести на ремонт? Скучаю за любимой игрушкой :(
  • Срочно розыскиваю дополнительный кейс или чехол для квадрокоптера Blade
  • Коптер врезался в преграду, сломались лопасти, существует ли на 350 QX3 BNF BLH8180 защитный бампер на винты? Да и вообще, где купить запчасти на мою модель, вдруг один из моторов выйдет из строя?
  • Продам Blade 350 QX3 BNF BLH8180, сделал всего несколько вылетов, состояние нового, падений и царапин нет. Продаю по безнадобности, лежит без дела. Уместен торг.
  • Как правильно провести калибровку квадрокоптера? Помогите найти инструкцию на русском, в комплекте китайская и малопонятная даже по картинкам.


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